Floating Greeters

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Please check in with the Eucharistic Minister Coordinator (with clipboard), and be at one of the church entry doors in the Gathering Area at least 15 minutes before Mass. Please wear your nametag and greet people as they enter. If no Worship Aid distributors are at the doors to the Worship Space, please ask two parishioners to distribute the Worship Aids at those doors until the priest is ready to process into the Worship Space. After Mass and wearing nametags, one Floating Greeter should be in the Gathering Area, and the second Floating Greeter should be in Trivison Hall for the after-Mass Social to answer questions, provide information, and just be present.

Remember to arrange a sub if you are unable to fulfill your scheduled date. If, on a day you come to Mass and are not scheduled as a Floating Greeter, you notice that Floating Greeter(s) are absent, please consider putting on your name tag and filling the Floating Greeter spot for that Mass. Thank you for your welcoming presence to our visitors and parishioners. You provide the first impression of what it means to be a member of the community of believers that is our Church of the Resurrection!

If you are interested in participating in the Floating Greeters Ministry or have any changes in the Mass you attend, please contact Jane Voelker at 330-958-5200 or email Jane at jmhvoelker@gmail.com or Diane Lionti at the parish office 440-248- 0980 ext. 23 or dlionti@churchofresurrection.org