As we navigate through these uncertain times, the Pastoral Staff here at Church of the resurrection is committed to doing our best to stay connected with our community and to offer support in any way that we can. One of those ways is by Live Streaming various Liturgy and Prayer opportunities so that even though we are apart, we are able to continue to lift our hearts and voices to God in Word and Song. We hope you’ll join us and invite your family members, neighbors, co-workers and friends to join us too.

Digital Worship Aid

In order for you to enter into each liturgy more fully, we will be offering a digital worship aid for each liturgy. Access and either view electronically or a separate device from the one you’re using to watch the liturgy or print at home.

Join us for Live Mass

Live Mass will broadcast below at the date and time listed. Past broadcasts can be watched at any time.

Download the 2020 Holy Week Live Stream Schedule

3/18/2020 Morning Mass