On the first Sunday of Advent 2020, we launched our new Strategic Plan entitled “Emmaus 2020.” This plan serves as guidance and inspiration in this our 50th Anniversary year as we celebrate our past and build our future.

As part of the plan we have updated our parish mission statement: We are a Eucharistic community committed to the teachings of Jesus. We embrace our call to love, to serve, and to build a just world.

We have also built upon the 4 Core Values from the Alleluia 2000 Strategic Plan: Worship, Justice, Dignity and Vision by adding the Four Cornerstones of Emmaus 2020: Engaging the Word, Learning the Word, Sharing the Word and Living the Word.

Each week during Advent, we’ll be sharing a new video that focuses on one of these four cornerstones and beginning on Monday, November 30th 2020, you can find out more about our Church of the Resurrection Strategic Plan – Emmaus 2020 on our parish website and social media sites.

We hope you’ll join us on this Emmaus 2020 journey as we celebrate our past and build our future!