We are a Eucharistic community committed to living the teachings of Jesus. Founded in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, we share the responsibility to build the Reign of God.

As a parish, we are committed to the following values:

WORSHIP: Celebrating the Eucharist is central to our community, with full and active participation on the part of each member. We cherish our sacramental life as well as a variety of prayer forms.

JUSTICE: We commit ourselves to serve others and reach out to the poor in response to their needs. Our work for justice extends to advocating with integrity for positive change in society and the Church.

VISION: Rooted in our faith tradition, we strive to be innovative, prophetic, and courageous in leadership and service. In our commitment to the spiritual formation of each member, we are open to explore new ways to meet the needs among us in response to the signs of our times.

DIGNITY: We reverence and welcome each person as a child of God. Embracing and celebrating the diversity of gifts among us, we call everyone to contribute and be served.