We have so many wonderful memories of being a part of the Church of the Resurrection Family!

First and foremost, numerous, meaningful homilies delivered by Father Mark and Father Tom!

Terry and Lisa are incredibly important to the complete religious experience at church! It’s a pleasure listening to them speak at church and participating in their activities!

The children’s programs were always well done, and very instrumental in teaching children how to live a faith-filled life.

There have been too many terrific extra programs to mention. My family and I have enjoyed the fabulous concerts, Mardi Gras, and guest speakers. It’s wonderful to connect with parish members at these events. It’s also very gratifying to help. Over the years, we have volunteered in various capacities at Vacation Bible School and Jr. High Camp. This afforded us the opportunity to help, to learn more about our religion and have lots of fun.

We live close enough to walk to church. On nice weather days, we’ve walked many times, and even rode our bikes. This made our church experience even better on those days.

It’s so great to experience church outside, especially since our grounds are so beautiful. Father Tom has had several services outside and they have been immensely enjoyable!

Two summers ago, there was a summer concert outside, a Motown, rock, jazz band. They were incredible. People were dancing and having a great time!

Thanks for all of the great memories, and looking forward to creating many more.