Join our Pastoral Staff for an 8-week Virtual Tour of the art and architecture here at Church of the Resurrection.

Part VIII, our final installment, features Reverend Thomas Dragga, Pastor walking you through the North Ground which include our Resurrection Sign and Fountain, Courtyard, Fire Pit and Bell Tower.

Part VII, with DRE and Pastoral Associate Terry Battaglia focuses on the doors that mark the entrance to the worship space and beyond!

Part VI, with Pastoral Associate, Lisa Frey features our Devotional Alcove, West Windows and Beyond!

Part V, with Director of Music Ministry, Julie Tragon focuses on the Eucharistic Reservation Chapel and the art and furnishings above and within.

The Eucharistic Reservation Chapel is a fitting place for the reservation of the Most Blessed Sacrament and also a peaceful place for the people of God to come and offer prayers for their lives, their loved ones and for the life of the world.

The music by Kaleb Brasee is an instrumental cover of Fernando Ortega’s “Give Me Jesus.”

Part IV, with Pastoral Associate Lisa Frey focuses on the marble sculpture entitled “Witness” and the windows above.

Part III, with DRE and Pastoral Associate Theresa Battaglia focuses on the bronze sculpture entitled “Christ Rising.”

Part II, with our Pastor Rev. Tom Dragga, features the Ambo, Altar and Nave (congregational seating).

Part I, with Julie Tragon, our Director of Music Ministry, features the Gathering Area, Entrance to the Worship Space, Baptismal Font and Stained-Glass Window above the font.