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“What have you been discussing as you have walked along?”

Luke’s Gospel Text from the Emmaus story is a perfect title for the sharing of our stories and memories of the past 50 years here at Resurrection Parish. The stories will be published both here and in the weekly bulletin. Memories should be 75 words or less and the focus should be something that would be of interest to a wide variety of people.

3 ways to submit your story:

by email:

Please send to Cindy Bomeli, [email protected]

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Mail completed form to:

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Please include your full name, email, and phone number.

online form:

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Kevin and Mary Anthony

Joining Resurrection in 1977, there were many milestone memories: baptism, communions, confirmations, marriages. There were countless ordinary memories of celebrating Mass, being touched by the homily, connecting with friends, enjoying co􀀁ee after Mass. But now, 44 years later, it is the legacy memory that we want to share. As we continue to journey through family life, both the joys and the struggles, the pastoral team and the community of Resurrection and those enduring relationships continue to help us live our faith day in and day out and that is a gift that keeps on giving.

Paul and Marilyn Tsivitse

When we first moved to Solon in 1972, we faced a decision about which parish to join. We chose Church of the Resurrection founded by Father Trivison. As a student at Saint John College Nursing School, I appreciated his teachings. My fellow nurses at St. Vincent Charity Hospital were unsure of the parish’s nontraditional approach. We welcomed its progressive, modern “in the round” architecture, along with guitar Masses to encourage participation.

Over our 50 years at this church, we have grown spiritually and made many friends and fond memories!

Tim Hughes

I have fond memories of singing in the choir with my dad when Meg Matuska led the choir for 11 years. She was always fun to work with, and I always enjoyed doing warm-ups with her at the beginning of our Tuesday night rehearsals! My dad would always put down the dates we rehearsed a song with Meg on his copy of the sheet music.

Ray and Jan Tartabini

In 1975 we were building a house near the church. As the home was being built, we met a few of the neighbors. They immediately began telling us about the strange Catholic church up at the corner: They have no pews. Everyone talks before Mass. There are no statues.

We had no idea what we were getting into and approached our first Mass with much trepidation. It did not take long before we realized how blessed we were to be here. Here we were welcomed and encouraged to participate. We were ordered many opportunities to discern Christ’s presence in our lives through spiritual experiences such as the Eighth Day retreats, programs like Friendship with Jesus, Christian Family Movement, small spirituality groups, the intimacy of the daily morning Mass sitting in a circle of chairs and sharing our thoughts and prayers. The inspiring slide presentations after communion, and Thursday night Eucharistic Adoration in the chapel. So many opportunities to walk with Christ and so many opportunities for fun as well. The 50’s dance, all nations festival, wine and cheese party, and clam bakes.

Through it all we met so many wonderful people; friendships that fostered our faith and still exist. Our journey of faith here at Resurrection has been nurtured by many talented and devoted people who have served on the pastoral staff and continues today.

Joanne Grundke

I remember when my boys were very young and attending Orange schools, I felt that I was losing my identity. One day a friend called and asked if we would go with her to a church function at Lewis School. I still was not convinced, however the day I walked into the church it took my breath away – it reminded me of my days at Villa Maria in Pennsylvania. It spoke to me because it was so welcoming, and I continue to feel that way to this day. I love the community at Resurrection and will continue to support it any way I can.

Peg Ross

My granddaughter, Coralee Chen, made her First Communion in the middle of the pandemic. I sewed a cross on her mask. She can put the cross on a chain and wear it as a necklace when we are no longer wearing masks.

Peg Ross

We have been going to Church of the Resurrection since 1990. The girls grew up involved in the church activities. We have memories of the building before the new worship space was added, the cozy feeling of the rooms bursting with activity on PSR Saturdays. We enjoyed the annual picnic with the grills going and Father Mark serving ice cream from the ice cream truck and the rocket car rides. Later, my grandchildren, the Chens, came to Resurrection too. My other grandchildren lived in Hong Kong but would visit for the month of July. Ollie was a regular at attending Bible school for several years. One day the kids wore team shirts for fun. Ollie wore his soccer shirt while others had Cleveland Indians. When asked Ollie said, “I am not really from around here!” I was struck that the people of Resurrection have welcomed us and many others from near and far! Hoping we will continue for years to come. One of the good things with the virus is the live streaming of Sunday Mass. It has made it so my daughter living in Chicago enjoys “going to Resurrection.”

Marcia Catalano

In 1982 my late husband and I were searching for a parish to be a main stay for our family of four. Our oldest child was ready to begin formal religious education and we were looking for a welcoming active parish. We found this in Resurrection. From the church’s semi-circular construction which brought the congregation closer together, the religious education classes (at which I volunteered for six years), to the numerous community outreaches which continue today, we were happy to call Resurrection “home.” Through 3 wonderful pastors, the church has remained committed to its parishioners and its neighbors both near and far. And despite the pandemic, Resurrection has gone above and beyond in keeping us all connected to our faith. For this I am immensely grateful and proud to be a member of the Church of the Resurrection. Happy, happy 50th!

Marcia Catalano

The Ames Family

“Memories pressed between the pages of our minds” begins the song as we began our journey at Church of the Resurrection 37 years ago. And so many memories do we have. Our son, Joe was 2 years old when we enrolled. He attended religious classes while his mom, Peg taught some of those religious classes too. Father Lou Trivison presided at his First Communion, the bishop, and Father Mark Hobson at his Confirmation. His three beautiful daughters, Kate, Maggie and Ellie were baptized at the font in the new church by Father Mark and Father Tom Dragga. Kate had her First Communion at Resurrection.

It’s funny at Resurrection we always sit in the same place. Once Father Lou saying Mass after retiring said, “Glad to see you’re all in your same spots!”

We made so many dear friends at church. Attendance over the years not only brought us closer to God but gave us the hope to move forward during hard times. The spirit and caring of every Resurrec-tion priest and caring minister has brought us closer to understanding our Resurrection.

This will be the 50th year of Resurrection as Ed and I in July also celebrate our 50th year of marriage.

We thank God for leading us in 1982 to the Resurrection Church lot. May it continue to shine with God’s light and welcome many more to its doors.


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