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“What have you been discussing as you have walked along?”

Luke’s Gospel Text from the Emmaus story is a perfect title for the sharing of our stories and memories of the past 50 years here at Resurrection Parish. The stories will be published both here and in the weekly bulletin. Memories should be 75 words or less and the focus should be something that would be of interest to a wide variety of people.

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Kay and Jerry Kalal

This photograph was taken on Saturday, August 17, 1974, after the Baptism of Lawrence James Kalal, the first Baptism in the new church (now Trivison Hall). Pictured, from left to right, are Father Bill Plato; parents Jerry and Kay Kalal; Larry Kahal, and sponsors Carol and Joseph Fabian.

Dotty Smercina

Father Trivison always wanted us to continue “breaking bread with our friends” after Mass. I remember serving coffee and refreshments once a month with my family in the school cafeteria. Father Trivison’s wishes are still carried out to this day.

My husband Chuck was always ushering and counting the collection after Mass.

Do you remember the large caterpillar painted on the wall of the Lewis School gymnasium with the word “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” painted on it? Many happy times at “St. Dorothy Lewis” starting a new church!

Mercedes Hronek

I remember morning Mass in the chapel in the basement of the rectory on Farm Drive.

On Sundays, there was a table at the entrance to the Lewis School gymnasium where we placed our host to be offered during Mass.

I remember Father Trivison was instrumental in the formation of Future Church. We attended meetings of the new organization at St. Malachi’s Church.

Refreshments after Mass has always been an opportunity to sit at tables and chat with one another, to encourage friendships, to talk, listen, and share.

Christ must be pleased with Church of the Resurrection!

Peggy Jurewicz

We have so many wonderful memories of being a part of the Church of the Resurrection Family!

First and foremost, numerous, meaningful homilies delivered by Father Mark and Father Tom!

Terry and Lisa are incredibly important to the complete religious experience at church! It’s a pleasure listening to them speak at church and participating in their activities!

The children’s programs were always well done, and very instrumental in teaching children how to live a faith-filled life.

There have been too many terrific extra programs to mention. My family and I have enjoyed the fabulous concerts, Mardi Gras, and guest speakers. It’s wonderful to connect with parish members at these events. It’s also very gratifying to help. Over the years, we have volunteered in various capacities at Vacation Bible School and Jr. High Camp. This afforded us the opportunity to help, to learn more about our religion and have lots of fun.

We live close enough to walk to church. On nice weather days, we’ve walked many times, and even rode our bikes. This made our church experience even better on those days.

It’s so great to experience church outside, especially since our grounds are so beautiful. Father Tom has had several services outside and they have been immensely enjoyable!

Two summers ago, there was a summer concert outside, a Motown, rock, jazz band. They were incredible. People were dancing and having a great time!

Thanks for all of the great memories, and looking forward to creating many more.

John Shovary

In Feb. of 1972 we signed up for a house to be built on Elm Hill across from the church. Around April I drove around the block down to Farm and then up Janet. On Farm I spotted a house whose mailbox read, “Church of the Resurrection.” My first thought was, “What the heck kind of holy roller church is that?” We moved in on June 6 and we learned there was a Catholic church meeting at Dorothy Lewis School. We joined in July of ’72.

In the mid 70’s my two older sons and I went up regularly at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings to help set up chairs for the weekend Masses. It took about an hour and a half. We worked with Ed Francis, Frank Zronek and others. Never had to take them down.

In the mid 70’s when ground was broken for the new church, we su7ered for several days from the odors drifting over the area. We assumed that the land the church was being built on had been a cow or sheep pasture in much earlier days.

John and Carolyn Massie

Although we have lived in South Carolina for the past 8 years, Resurrection will always be our spiritual home. For nearly 35 years we shared many memories. The dedication of the worship space. Father Lou Trivison. Father Robert Marrone. Father Mark Latkovich. Father Ted Lucas. Father Mark Hobson. Father Tom Dragga. Baptism. First Communion. Confirmation retreats. Lectoring. Easter Vigil Liturgy. Resurrection is truly a legacy of community and worship that lives with us every day.

Bill Plato

  • The afternoon that Fr. Trivison called me and announced that he was named pastor of a new parish in Solon; he planned to name it Resurrection.
  • The weekly preparation of the gym at Dorothy Lewis School, laying down a tarp and setting up the folding chairs.
  • Coffee and donuts in Lewis’ kitchen after Mass when we all got to know each other.
  • The clickity-click of Fr. Lou’s typewriter in his back o?ce as he prepared his homily with the two finger, search and peck approach.
  • A deep snow around St. Patrick’s Day one year when we had to wear garbage bags over our shoes when we walked up to the church. Couldn’t get the car out. Rich Giel got his snowmobile going.
  • Always knew when it was time to leave one of Lou’s get-togethers on Farm Drive. He’d pull the vacuum cleaner out of the closet opposite the front door.

Amie Meeken

Resurrection and Father Trivison were very important to my family throughout the years. Helping us get through so many hard times, the accident and loss of Anne and Benjamin, my divorce, my parent’s deaths. Also, the good times, weddings, births, etc.

Also, my Dad was never Catholic. He raised all his children Catholic and attended Mass every Sunday and was even President of St Rita’s Booster Club. But he was not raised Catholic – his Father being agnostic and his Mom an occasional Episcopalian, as I remember. After the accident, Father Trivison was a regular visitor to my parents’ home, helping them through those trying times until Rick and I, and eventually the bodies of Anne and Benjamin came home. Imagine my surprise, when at the funeral my Father received Communion. My Mom said Father Trivison had been discussing this with Dad on all those visits.

Peg Holland

Jesus in a school gymnasium…that was church in 1972.Fromthebeginning it wasabout community and sharing. . .clearingaway the chairs andaltar, foldingupthe linens and carpets. . .and always therewastime to share some bakery and a beverage.

My children, 6, 7, 8, and 10, were students at Dorothy Lewis School and were at first confused by going to “church” in their gymnasium.

Anticipation…How would church feel and look? How would our new church feel and look?Remembering “We Are LivingStone.”