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“What have you been discussing as you have walked along?”

Luke’s Gospel Text from the Emmaus story is a perfect title for the sharing of our stories and memories of the past 50 years here at Resurrection Parish. The stories will be published both here and in the weekly bulletin. Memories should be 75 words or less and the focus should be something that would be of interest to a wide variety of people.

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Sister Sallie Latkovich

I was surprised by the possibility of becoming a Pastoral Associate at Resurrection as a lay woman. Sr. Mary Lou Misciasci had been elected to leadership in the Sisters of St. Joseph, and the team was seriously looking to invite a lay person to serve as the education person on the team. It was June 1980, and they chose me! I remember well the festivities of the 10th Anniversary of Resurrection in 1981!!!

I remember Fr. Lou’s encouragement of me to join him at the Deanery Meetings of the clergy in the area, and I was the only lay person. It was one of the ways he educated his brother priests about the gifts of the laity. It was a joy to serve on the team with Fr. Lou, Fr. Bob Marrone, and Sr. Kathy Wagner. I learned so much from each of them.

In my role as the team member for education, I enjoyed working with Stella and Sandy who coordinated the PSR classes. I also oversaw the Children’s Liturgy of the Word program. My favorite role was planning adult faith formation sessions. One program I introduced was brown-bag lunch learning. We had some great sessions.

The men of the parish planned an annual golf outing for which the women prepared an after-game meal, and I thought we should also have a women’s golf outing, with the men preparing an after-game meal. Such fun, and good participation.

Of course, Liturgy was the priority for the parish community. I most enjoyed being the welcome/greeter in the Narthex of the old building and checking in various ministers. I was able to learn everyone’s names and was told that my Sunday greeting would be what was missed most when I left to enter the Sisters of St. Joseph. Fr. Lou jokingly said: if you can’t get a Sister of St. Joseph, make one!

Mary Bookman

For 40 years, Church of the Resurrection community has strongly supported the American Red Cross Bloodmobile drives here at our parish. I well remember the conversation after the 11 o’clock Mass in 1980 when Mara and Lewis Dubay and I discussed the possibility of starting a blood mobile at our church. The parish team and parish council were enthused about the idea and we held our first collection on November 3, 1980. We had a collection twice a year. Many parishioners volunteered to help register and guide donors through the one-hour process. At each Red Cross visit, almost 100 pints were collected. Father Louis Trivison gave each time, he was a repeat member of the Gallon Club. The seniors of our ROTC (Resurrection Old Timers Club) provided a home cooked meal for the Red Cross sta􀀁. To date, there have been 210 drives in which the Red Cross has collected over 4,500 units of blood from generous Resurrection donors!

Mary Nemec

So many new ways of being Catholic: the first Parish Council, especially planning the new church building and its modern design; Thursday night Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament after Mass; daily Mass homilies; Face-to- Face Sacrament of Penance; Father Trivison’s never-ending series of talks on what it meant being Catholic after Vatican II; guest speakers; Thanksgiving Day breakfasts for everyone after Mass. And many more vital innovations that brought us closer together and deepened our love and knowledge of God.

Mary Nemec

The first time Father Trivison said Mass here at Resurrection was on a Thursday evening in the rectory. His desk was the altar. Before the church was built, daily Masses were held in the basement of the rectory at a small altar. One morning Marie Picard, a parishioner, brought her six month old daughter, Therese with her to Mass. Today Therese is the chief ranger at Acadia National Park in Maine.

Debbie Patten

During Christmas, 2013, a certain number of parishioners were selected to receive 12 gifts representing the 12 Days of Christmas. My mom was one of those blessed recipients! She cannot remember every gift exactly, but they were left on her doorstep, over the course of December, with no giver identified. Eventually, she figured it out and thanked Father Mark Hobson one Sunday after Mass, who acknowledged her wholeheartedly. This act of kindness meant so much to her since she had just lost my Dad in September.

Carol M. Consolo

While I was on the Liturgical Environment Committee, for part of the Easter 2006 decorations, we had rented potted flowering pear trees, delivered and placed in the aisles of the worship space.

The garden center could not guarantee that the trees would bloom in time for the Easter celebration—we took the chance.

The AHA moment for me was walking into the worship space and seeing that the warmth of the church encouraged the blooms. JUST IN TIME!

To defray the cost of the removal and return of the trees, several parishioners purchased them. You can see two of them. . .one out the window of the Christ Rising Sculpture, and the other out the West Window Alcove.

It is enjoyable to watch both of them change with the seasons.

Cindy Smercina Bomeli

I was just 15 years old when the parish began, and was recruited to work the “nursery” in the Dorothy Lewis School cafeteria. Toddlers were my usual “customers.” One Sunday morning a couple brought in their newborn baby—and I mean newborn! I think she was about 10 days old. I had never cared for such a tiny infant, and was more than a little nervous. I checked on her every few minutes to make sure she was still breathing. She slept through the entire Mass!

Mary Nemec

So many memories! A farewell lunch was held for Father Trivison at St. Louis Church and he brought Sisters Rosemary and Mary Lou with him. It was exciting to realize that Father and these two women were going to run the new parish, trying for equal footing in their efforts. It just seemed as if it really wasn’t going to happen—but it did!

Diane Lionti

I am coming up on my 21st year working for this wonderful parish. I will never forget the day I walked in to be interviewed by Fr. Mark. I felt so comfortable. He made me feel welcome the first minute I met him and the team. Fr. Mark said I won’t interview anyone else. Go home and pray about it and let me know. I drove out of the parking lot, called my husband and said I am taking the job. Michael wanted me to take some time off since my boss had just died. I didn’t need to pray about it and didn’t need the time off. I was truly excited about working here. My heartfelt thanks to Mary Ann Theby for calling me and asking me if I would be interested in working at a Church. I can never thank her enough. This has been the best job I have ever had. Thank you Mary Ann and Fr. Mark for giving me the opportunity to work here. I am truly grateful.