If you have any changes please let Marie Simms know by contacting her at 216-401-7489 or by email at mariesimms@sbcglobal.net

  • If you cannot be at your specified time please find your own replacement.
  • If you cannot find one please call me.
  • When you are using the kitchen for an event please take charge to keep it as you find it just like you would keep your own kitchen.
  • Please keep the counters clear of items that have been used.
  • Put trays back in their proper place – under the island.
  • Put coffee pots back on the shelf by the freezer.
  • Don’t put wet dish towels in the hamper. Put them on the towel rack to dry.
  • Don’t leave left over food on the counters like cakes and cookies. If they are meant to be
  • saved, please wrap them and mark the item and either refrigerate or freeze the item.
  • If something is spilled on the floor sweep it up or wipe it up with paper towels not the dish towels.
  • If an item no longer works please leave a note for the custodian.
  • Make sure everything is unplugged before you leave the kitchen.
  • Put all the trash in a plastic bag and place in the containers outside with the lid secured.

If you have a complaint please notify Marie Simms at 216-401-7489.