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Visioning Session Summary

Dear Friends:

On February 28, members of our community gathered to share their hopes and dreams for our future. The following is a list of the goals and directions which emerged from that session. This list of emerging goals and directions has been prepared by the core planning committee for Alleluia 2000, and is based on the verbatim record of what parishioners said during the Visioning Session. Interested persons may obtain a copy of the verbatim record of the Visioning Session by contacting the parish office. The verbatim record will be consulted by the committees that will soon be formed to develop action plans in response to these goals and directions. You will notice that the goals and directions have been grouped to indicate how they correspond to the core values of the parish.

Emerging Goals/Directions

WORSHIP – Celebration of the Eucharist is central to our community, with full and active participation on the part of each member. We cherish our sacramental life as well as a variety of prayer forms.

  • Build greater understanding and active participation by more people
  • Develop more participation by young people at Mass
  • Maintain and build upon our creative and dynamic approach to the Eucharist
  • Provide further opportunities for prayer and spiritual growth (also relate to Vision)

VISION – Rooted in our faith tradition, we strive to be innovative, prophetic, and courageous in leadership and service. In our commitment to the spiritual formation of each member, we are open to explore new ways to meet the needs among us in response to the signs of our times.

  • Provide for spiritual growth of each individual member
  • Support Pastoral Team to allow continued excellence

JUSTICE – We commit ourselves to serve and reach out to the poor in response to their needs. Our work for justice extends to advocating with integrity for positive change in society and the Church.

  • Strengthen our social justice activities and involve more people
  • Reach out to the church in the city and to other communities outside our parish
  • Advocate for justice in the Church

DIGNITY – We reverence and welcome each person as a child of God. Embracing and celebrating the diversity of gifts among us, we call everyone to contribute and be served.

  • Provide for greater youth involvement in parish life
  • Address the needs of children and families
  • Provide activities for singles, young adults/college age students
  • Look at new ways to be a welcoming community
  • Look at innovative ways to build community
  • Meet the needs of Senior Citizens
  • More effort in the area of evangelization
  • Maintain and develop support programs

Physical Space Needs

– Study current availability of space as it corresponds to current and anticipated needs in the following areas:

  • Meeting space
  • Educational space
  • Social space
  • Worship space
  • Storage space

– Provide handicap access to all facilities

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